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The drug is intended for subcutaneous injection.
The dose is adjusted individually, taking into account the needs of the patient. Usually the need for insulin varies day. The daily insulin requirements may be higher in patients with insulin resistance (e.g., in puberty and in obese patients), and lower -. In patients testosterone blend 400 with residual endogenous insulin production. Furthermore, the physician determines the number of injections a day must receive patient – one or more.

Protafan  can be administered both as a monotherapy and hook in combination with insulin or short-acting quickly. If necessary, intensive insulin therapy, this suspension may be used as basal insulin (injection is carried out in the evening and / or morning), in combination with insulin rapid or short-acting injection, which should be confined to the meal.
If diabetic patients achieved optimal control glycemia, diabetic complications that they tend to occur later. In this connection, it should seek to optimize the metabolic control, in particular, careful monitoring of blood glucose levels.
Protafan  is usually administered subcutaneously in the thigh area. If it is convenient, the injection can be done in the anterior abdominal wall, in the gluteal region or the deltoid region in the shoulder muscles. With the introduction of the drug in the thigh area is marked slower absorption than when injected into the anterior abdominal wall. If the injection is made in-drawn skin fold, then reduced to a minimum the risk of accidental intramuscular injection.
It is necessary to testosterone blend 400 change the injection sites within the anatomical region to prevent the development of lipodystrophy.
The suspensions of insulin, under any circumstances, should not be administered intravenously. Dosage adjustment If kidney damage liver or reduced need for insulin.

Side effect:

Adverse reactions were observed in patients on background therapy with HM Protafan, were mainly dose-dependent and were caused by the pharmacological action of insulin. As with other insulin preparations, the most frequent side effect is hypoglycaemia. It develops when insulin dose greatly exceeds the demand for it. In clinical trials, as well as in the use of the drug after its release to the consumer market, it was found that the frequency of hypoglycemia varies in different patient populations and using different dosing regimens, so the frequency of the exact value is not possible.
If severe hypoglycemia may occur loss of consciousness and / or convulsions can occur temporary or permanent violation of brain function or even death. Clinical trials have shown that hypoglycemia incidence in general did not differ in patients treated with human insulin, and in patients treated with insulin aspart.
The following are the values of the frequency of adverse reactions identified during clinical trials, which by all accounts, were regarded as related using

Violations of the immune system
is not often – urticaria, rash.

Very rarely -. Anaphylactic reactions
Symptoms of generalized hypersensitivity may include generalized skin rash, itching, sweating, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, angioedema, dyspnea, palpitation, reduction in blood pressure, fainting / loss of consciousness.
The reactions of generalized hypersensitivity may pose a threat for life.

Disorders of the nervous system
is very rare peripheral neuropathy.
If the improvement of the level of control: testosterone blend 400 blood glucose was achieved very quickly, can develop a condition called “acute painful neuropathy”, which is usually reversible,

Violations of the organ of vision
is very rare -. Refractive error
Refractive errors are usually observed at the initial stage of insulin therapy.
Usually, these symptoms are reversible.

Uncommon – Diabetic retinopathy.
If provided adequate glycemic control, the risk of progression of diabetic retinopathy is reduced for a long time. However, intensification of insulin therapy with abrupt improvement in glycemic control may cause temporary increased severity of diabetic retinopathy.

Disorders of the skin and subcutaneous tissue
Infrequently -. Lipodystrophy
Lipodystrophy may develop at the site of injection in the case where no shift is carried out continuous injection site within a body region.

Violations by the body as a whole, as well as reactions in the injection site
Uncommon -. The reaction at the site of injection
on therapy with insulin may experience reactions at the site of the injection (redness, swelling, itching, pain, hematoma formation at the site of injection) . However, in most cases, these reactions are transient in nature, and in the course of continued therapy fade.

Uncommon -. Swelling
Swelling is usually noted at the initial stage testosterone blend 400 of insulin therapy. Typically, this symptom is transient.


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