omnadren jelfa

When the sun burns and burns of I degree, insect bites, hives, skin itching of various origins, itchy eczema, chicken pox, allergic skin irritation omnadren jelfa (with the exception of pruritus in cholestasis), contact dermatitis caused by contact with plants.

Contraindications : Hypersensitivity to the drug. With caution during pregnancy and lactation (it is better to stop breast-feeding).

Dosage and administration:

Balzam applied to the affected skin with a thin layer (2-3 g of gel) 3-4 times a day and distribute it easy smearing.

Side effects : In rare cases, there may be a hypersensitivity reaction of the skin, which is manifested in redness and mild swelling of the skin area to which the drug was applied. For external use drug side effects not observed a systemic nature.

Overdose : Treatment: If overdose (symptoms, omnadren jelfa see “Side effects”) is assigned to symptomatic treatment: rinse with water, drugs that increase blood pressure, oxygen: breath control, the introduction of plasma-liquids. Do not use omnadrenu epinephrine and analeptics. No specific antidote exists.

Interaction with other drugs : increases the effects of alcohol and drugs which depress the central nervous system. MAO inhibitors enhance the anticholinergic activity of diphenhydramine. The antagonistic interaction is marked with a joint appointment with omnadren jelfa psychostimulants. steroiden kaufen

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