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Side effects: The most common adverse reactions are skin irritation symptoms (burning sensation and itching, redness, pain, paraesthesia and rash) at the site of application. As a rule, they are expressed moderately and disappear within the first week after the start of treatment. Often there is alcohol intolerance (redness person or symptoms of skin irritation • Read More »

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Absorption of tacrolimus in the systemic circulation when topically applied is minimal. Most atopic dermatitis patients (adults and children) with a single application or multiple application at 0.03% and 0.1% tacrolimus ointment concentration in blood plasma. Systemic omnadren cycle¬†absorption depends on the area of injury and decreases with the disappearance of clinical manifestations of atopic • Read More »

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Prothionamide rapidly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, creating a maximum concentration of drug in plasma within 2-3 hours after ingestion. It penetrates into healthy and pathologically altered tissue (tubercular lesions and cavities in the lungs, serous and purulent pleural fluid, cerebrospinal fluid in meningitis). The body is partially converted to the sulfoxide with a tuberculostatic • Read More »

testosterone blend

Flavonoid glycosides contained in wild grasses and Deschampsia caespitosa L. Calamagrotis epigeios L.,. able to inhibit virus-specific thymidine kinase enzymes polymerase in cells infected with herpes simplex virus (Herpes simplex) type I and II. This leads to a reduced ability or complete blockage of replication of viral proteins, and as a result, prevents the growth • Read More »


The specific dose when administered to which it was possible to talk about an overdose of insulin has not been established, however, in cases where omnadren¬†the patient is administered the dose is too high, surpassing them. needs may develop state of hypoglycemia of varying severity: Mild hypoglycemia patient can remove himself, taking into sugar or • Read More »